Saturday, November 10, 2007


Mmm maybe more of a prologue I guess. I know my Project is on standby, but I thought I'd post a link to my older photos for people who haven't seen them. They're a couple years old and it makes me feel like I was a better photographer then. ;_; Oh well.


Monday, November 5, 2007

Ooops that was just practice guys

My Project 365 must be put on hold cuz the ghost of Bonnie's camera decided to move into my camera. AKA, it's broke. Hopefully I'll have a new one by the new year, and can start again.

Until then, downstreet on the flip flop timepants.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Days 12-19

Ok, so I'm still lagging a little but I should be able to fully finish my update tomorrow. I really need to catch up because I already forgot the photo-unrelated stuff that happened on each day for these photos! I have such a terrible memory :(

October 20, 2007

Day 12

October 21, 2007

Day 13

October 22, 2007

Day 14

October 23, 2007

Day 15

This photo means more to me than you'd think. It was taken on campus and it's a big deal to me because in all honesty it''s when I finally got all my shit together and started going to class regularly again. There was a lot of stuff dragging me down the past couple weeks and I was finally able to let go and live normally again.

October 24, 2007

Day 16

I almost used a different picture for this (oen of me all moopey, soaking wet and sitting outside my apartment building). Today I locked my keys in my apartment and had to RUN to the school because I had a test in class that day. It was raining like crazy. This is the back entrance of the school after I got out of class. I ended up waiting for Angie to come home like 3 hours later, and just hung out with my neighber Stu downstairs, smoking and watching TV.

October 25, 2007

Day 17

This is my picture of the shelves by the door of my old room at home. There's a whole lot of memories in this photo. The USSBA trophy from my senior year of marching band as undefeated champs, the silver spoon I stole from the Fireman's Dinner with Zach, Princess Leia and Juggernaut from Corey, my tassels from Copeland and Morris Hills, a Face First and Over It pin (each respectively from the first time I saw each band), Bonnie's bottle of water and sand she got me from Mexico freshman year of high school, a candle from senior prom my junior year, mardi gras beads from junior prom my sophomore year, the Patrick that Zach won for me after prom (only cuz Bonnie won me a Care Bear first) and the Apu toy from Burger King that I got my freshman year in marching band. On the shelf below is just a bunch of comic books and old awards that my parents framed.

October 26, 2007

Day 18

Another Avatar night. I took this right before going to work. I had to work until ten but I went straight to Brendan's where we watched Avatar and some Halo 3 was played.

October 27, 2007

Day 19

I had some people over for video games, Halloween-ness, and beers. Here we have Adam, one of the 300 Spartans, and Mr. Brendan Fay rocking out some Pa Rappa the Rapper. Good times were had by all.

That's it for now, I'll probably be updating tomorrow with the rest (another 5 days of photos!) then I'll be all caught up. Yaaaaay!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Days 7-11

I'm still trying to catch up a little bit here. I only have time to post a few photos, since my camera eats batteries like a fat kid eats cake. So, here's my next installment.

October 15, 2007

Day 7

My first day working at the calendar kiosk. I thought I'd take a picture of the floor at the mall, since they are ripping it all out. Those tiles have been there since I moved to the town, I remember playing stepping games on them (like only stepping on the small ones) when I was a kid. Plus now I have a picture of my favorite shoes, which are slowly dying on me.

October 16, 2007
Day 8

This is the beginning of the Halloween decorations at the apartment. I'm going to try to take one picture out the window every month or so, so that I can see the seasons change. Already, most of the leaves are yellow and orange now, unlike the photo.

October 17, 2007
Day 9

This is a statue my mom has in the house. It's Quan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of mercy and compassion. It's not real metal, but it is gorgeous. I photoshopped the background a little bit. Now the statue looks like it's glowing. I actually ended up going to the Office tonight to hang out, which I haven't done in a while. It was pretty fun.

October 18, 2007
Day 10

I took a lot of pictures of home, because I was home so much. I like the connected pattern, since this day I connected with some old friends. Went out to lunch with Colin, then had dinner with Corey at Applebee's (where Colin was working). Corey texted Colin and had him come out with the staff to sing me happy birthday. It wasn't my birthday, but who passes up free cake?

October 19, 2007
Day 11

This was Avatar Night. Jamie's sister Ivy was over trying to write some really important paper for her PhD. We were gonna go out and see a movie, but Brendan and Adam got caught up in a computer game and I was hooked on Every Extra Extend Extreme. I got the Chain Wizard achievement for Brendan (meaning I got a chain of 2000 explosions).

Whew, now I'm only five days behind; hopefully I'll be able to upload the last 6 photos tomorrow and be all caught up! Not having a computer is a huge pain.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of Straylight Run. It helps me get through hard times, because a lot of the music is about learning to make mistakes and move on. Kind of inspirational for me I guess. Hopefully things will get easier once I have health insurance again...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Days 4, 5 & 6

I'm not completely caught up yet...this time, the batteries in my camera ran out before I could upload all the photos. Whoops. Oh well. Here's the next installment of my Project 365.

*Five Minutes Later*

Well webshots is being a total bitch today and not letting me do preview thumbnails in anything larger than 100 pixels. So, tiny photos it is!

October 12, 2007
Day 4

Fridays are Avatar days, but I brought my knitting along this time. Someday, it will be a scarf. I got to see a run of Portal (from the Orange Box) and it is one of the most brilliant games I've seen this year. It's innovative, funny, and opens up a new genre of "first person puzzler."

October 13, 2007
Day 5

This is at Bill's, he's sharpening an ax! I thought the way the sparks split was pretty cool. That night, we had a fire with hot dogs and marshmallows and beer. Bonnie decided to have a phone conversation in the kid's playhouse, and I got stuck in the tire swing. It was pretty awesome.

October 14, 2007
Day 6

This is...after midnight at our fire party. If you didn't guess, it's the fire.

Hopefully I'll have the other pictures up soon. I'm running out of money for things like batteries, and Bonnie has my rechargeables (still). The point of the story is, I am exhausted because there was an unexplained, constant thumping noise coming from the apartment below me (I think, either that or from my next door neighbor Amy). Amy was also playing the violin, LOUDLY, at about 5 am. It was not a good night's rest. You'd think plaster walls would mute the sound a little....

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So I was all set to post like 5 photos today, but then I got to a computer and lo and behold! I can't find my USB cable (again). So the next update will be like 6 or 7 photo. Don't think I've given up on this! No matter how much the circumstances are against me, I'm gonna keep at it! Eat that, bad luck!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Days 2 & 3

I've been having trouble posting the past couple of days for a few reasons.

1. My computer's main fan is broken and

2. I misplaced the USB cable for my camera

In retrospect, for Day 1 I wish I had taken a picture of Corey playing with magnets at Starbucks. We went to get a cup of coffee in Denville and he noticed that I had this little cylinder-shaped magnets hanging from my car's sun visor (Mac gave them to me to play with while I was working at Luna). They are some powerful little magnets. He was making them into all sorts of shapes and stuff, like the tiny magnetic robot. It was pretty funny.

But that's all behind us now, let's go on to Days 2 and 3 of Project 365.

October 10, 2007
Day 2

I was reading Nabakov's Lolita when I heard an odd series of bangs. I was hoping that people weren't shooting each other at the bar across the street. I couldn't see anything from my windows, so I went back to reading for a little bit, then finally decided to take a look outside and see what was going on. Turns out there were some fireworks going on pretty much right behind my apartment complex. It could have been for Montclair State's 100th anniversary or whatever, but I'm not really sure. Anyway, a bunch of people from the complex went outside to watch and it was pretty cool.

October 11, 2007
Day 3

This one is for today. I woke up kind of late and even more confused. I had been up late the night before knitting (I know, I'm a nerd) but not late enough to sleep through my alarm. I rolled over to see that my clock wasn't on. In fact, nothing was on because there was a brown out.

Since I didn't have any electronics available at the apartment, I just kind of tooled around on my guitar for a while. It was actually my mom's originally, but it's a beautiful instrument and I love it (even if it is a little big for me). I don't know why, but for some reason I always find musical instruments very photogenic.

That's it for today. Three days down, 362 to go (or maybe really 363, since this coming year will be a leap year).

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Day 1

This is the beginning of my personal Project 365. In addition to having a place to write down my thoughts about the day, this is going to be my place to post my one photo a day. I may not have the time to post every single day, but I will always date my photos and try to post them all. At the end of each month, I'm going to print out my one-a-day photos and put them in a photo album.

This is a new opportunity for me to have, even for a short period of time, a solid goal to strive for. A friend told me last night that it's easy to feel lost without a solid goal. I've always tried not to set goals for myself so i wouldn't feel stressed or pressured to achieve them, but now I realized my stress comes from not having goals at all.

I hope this project gives me a sense of direction.

10.11.2007 Update: Here is my Day 1 Photo

Day 1

It was supposed to be at a campfire with Bill. We were going to start our projects together with the same type of picture, so we could see how our lives later divurged. But it was not to be! It rained like crazy that night.