Sunday, May 25, 2008

Days 28-30

Again, I got lazy/drunk and have not posted daily. But I am really, really happy with the photos from the last couple of days. So it all evens out I guess.

Day 28: Maya & Sebastian (I & II)

Day 28: Maya & Sebastian IDay 28: Maya & Sebastion

Maya is the black cat and Sebastian is the gray one. I couldn't just have a photo of one of them up, they're a pair :) It's still a little tough for me no, neither of them can replace Nala for me. For those who don't know, my cat Nala was one of the unfortunate victims of the poisoned Iambs cat food. We eventually had to put her down because she was very unhappy, and in order to live would need very painful treatment everyday of her life. She was only 12.

I don't think I ever cried so hard in my entire life as I did when they put her down. My family got Nala when I was about 6, and it's hard to remember a time when she wasn't around. She was faithful like a dog, she would follow you around the house mewing until you sat down so she could curl up next to you. I miss her like hell. I love you Nala, wherever you are.

Day 29: Drunk Days
Day 29: Drunk Days

I went over Vince's for some beer and Guitar Hero. It was madness/Sparta! We tried to get the other two from the old art table group (Jimmy and Bonnie) however they were not available. Andrew said I was his favorite drunk person, and Vince commented that Andrew was the only one in the room who liked girls. Note: Out of the 5 people there, I was the only girl. WE played some drunk Halo 3 as well, but I was not terribly good at that. I still beat out a couple people on live though. I wanted to grab the headset and yell, YOU WERE BEATEN BY A GIRL! But Vince broke it. Oops.

Day 30: To Write Love On Her Arms
Day 30: To Write Love On Her Arms

This photo is in honor of an event that is occurring today (and for the rest of the week). For the full story, visit The basic gist is to write the word "Love" on your arms in any language to promote awareness of teen depression and suicide. I'm not sure if I will participate all week, but a day I can do.

Now that my sleep schedule is back on track it should be easier to update. No promises though, because I am a severe procrastinator.

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