Friday, June 13, 2008

Days 31-43

Woo I am way behind on this. I've been so spaced out lately. So I'm only going to post my favorites from the past couple weeks. One more update and I should be caught up.

End of May (the 30th)

Day 35: The Ex
Day 35

June 1st, a new month!

Day 37: Lights, Explosion, Confetti!
Day 37:Lights, Exposion, Confetti!

Day 40: Sky Lines
Day 40: Sky Lines

Day 43: Fantasy 10
Day 43: Fantasy Ten

Woo that's it for now, I think I only have maybe another 5 or 6 photos to post tomorrow to catch up? Then I'll start writing a little more about each photo. When I wait too long, I forget what happened each day ;_; Which kind of defeats the purpose know. I'm trying at least.