Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Days 4, 5 & 6

I'm not completely caught up yet...this time, the batteries in my camera ran out before I could upload all the photos. Whoops. Oh well. Here's the next installment of my Project 365.

*Five Minutes Later*

Well webshots is being a total bitch today and not letting me do preview thumbnails in anything larger than 100 pixels. So, tiny photos it is!

October 12, 2007
Day 4

Fridays are Avatar days, but I brought my knitting along this time. Someday, it will be a scarf. I got to see a run of Portal (from the Orange Box) and it is one of the most brilliant games I've seen this year. It's innovative, funny, and opens up a new genre of "first person puzzler."

October 13, 2007
Day 5

This is at Bill's, he's sharpening an ax! I thought the way the sparks split was pretty cool. That night, we had a fire with hot dogs and marshmallows and beer. Bonnie decided to have a phone conversation in the kid's playhouse, and I got stuck in the tire swing. It was pretty awesome.

October 14, 2007
Day 6

This is...after midnight at our fire party. If you didn't guess, it's the fire.

Hopefully I'll have the other pictures up soon. I'm running out of money for things like batteries, and Bonnie has my rechargeables (still). The point of the story is, I am exhausted because there was an unexplained, constant thumping noise coming from the apartment below me (I think, either that or from my next door neighbor Amy). Amy was also playing the violin, LOUDLY, at about 5 am. It was not a good night's rest. You'd think plaster walls would mute the sound a little....

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